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Henna and Herbal Hair Colouring & Scalp Services


100% Pure & Natural Henna & Herbal Hair Colour

This treatment uses natural botanical ingredients to colour, condition and rejuvenate the hair. It makes hair softer, shinier, stronger & healthier! – includes free application & instruction. Shades range from reds to browns to black.

  • Preparing For Your Henna Hair Colouring Appointment

Before arriving for your herbal henna hair appointment please prepare by doing the following:

  • Please wash and dry your hair thoroughly with shampoo to free the hair of any oils, dirt or other residue
  • Do not use any products in the hair like oils, hair sprays, or other chemicals that could alter the hair colour or prevent the henna and herbal dyes from staining your hair properly.
  • It is also best not to use conditioner before colouring.
  • Bring a scarf to wrap over the shower cap we will put on your hair at the end of the treatment. Because henna may take a few hours to set, you will need to wash


What are the benefits of natural Henna and Herbal hair colours?

  • Very healthy for the hair
  • Rejuvenates damaged hair
  • Makes your hair shiny
  • Retains moisture in hair so that your hair doesn’t feel dull or dry
  • Conditions the hair
  • Often reduces dandruff
  • Strengthens the hair
  • And of course… colours the hair!
  • Makes your hair feel soft
  • Makes your hair feel thicker
  • Strengthens the hair and roots

What colour will my hair become?

The shades I can create range from light orange to reds and browns using our natural and herbal hair care mixes. The colour you get depends upon what your natural hair colour is and the mix I custom make especially for your needs. It also depends on how long you keep the Henna mix on the hair the more you leave the Henna the darker the colour. It is best to come in for a personal consultation and a strand test before having a colour applied to your hair.

  • All natural- involves only the use of 100% cotton thread
  • No chemicals, creams, waxes, or other toxins/allergens are used.
  • Very gentle on the skin- Great alternative for those with sensitive and/or thinned skin.
  • Very precise- only the hair that needs to remove are taken out to give you the best looking arches.
  • Long lasting- the tiniest hair (they don’t have to be a certain length) can be removed, resulting in a very clean finished, defined arch.
  • Threading doesn’t always cause breakouts.
  • If skin is sensitive and becomes red, the redness lasts less than an hour.
  • Makeup goes on smoother.
  • Threading is generally less painful than waxing
  • Threading prevents wrinkles- no constant pulling of skin.
  • Prevents any accidents like burns which are more susceptible with waxing.
  • Healthier for the skin- Threading does not harm the skin, it only pulls the hair delays aging process unlike the waxing.
  • Great for those with sensitive or thinned skin
  • Great alternative for those who use medicines like Retin-A or Accutane


Traditional Ayurvedic Hot Oil Scalp Massage

An ancient Ayurvedic scalp massage treatment (passed down from generation to generation) using an authentic blend of natural botanical oils. This massage includes an optional shoulders, upper back and face massage for a complete relaxation experience! This powerful & invigorating treatment helps clear congested scalp, nourishes the hair & scalp, helps grow lustrous hair, relaxes the body, and leaves you feeling energized & refreshed… After the massage the scalp is treated with high frequency current, it stimulates blood circulation and improves scalp health. The treatment is finished with refreshing hot towel wrapped on the head for 5 minutes. It steams the scalp, opens the pores and facilitates a natural wellness and shine in your hair.


Face & Scalp Therapy

Includes: Facial cleanse, tone following an Aloe Vera Gel massage & stimulating massage movements for scalp and hair with nourishing oil.

Hair Spas (80-90mins.)


Loreal Hair Spa

(Treatment for coloured, highlighted, lifeless, dull and permed or permanently)

Straightened hair or even treat extreme dandruff/dry hairs.


Herbal Hair Spa

Treatment recommended for:

i) Normal well-being and deep conditioning hair and scalp.

ii) Highly recommended for Alopecia or extreme hair loss.

Includes: Gentle Hair Massage of special Jaborandi Oil, Steam for 5-10 minutes, apply Brahmi Hair Pack, comb through for better penetration leave for 10 minutes, wash & condition using special Shampoo/ Scalp cleanser and finishing with conditioner.

Blow dry for normal hair only for hair loss treatment blow is not recommended.

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